Marisa “Mari” Takeyama is a multi-faceted visual development artist specializing in character-creature design and illustration for fantasy and horror genres.


She also has experience with storyboarding, graphic design and art direction both on and off set. Her credits include multiple award-winning independent films, test footage for academy award-winning major motion picture studios, commercials and music videos. In addition, her artwork recently expanded into the realms of board games as well as advertising for PC gaming hardware.


Mari is a classically trained artist with a strong foundation in traditional fine art, mentored from a young age by a handful of industry veterans who have worked for major studios such as Disney, Lucasfilm, Marvel and Warner Brothers. In 2012, she graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art degree and cum laude honors after working closely with Dodge College of Film & Media Arts.


Currently based in Orange County, California, Mari continues to work on a variety of creative projects throughout the greater Los Angeles area.